Family photoshoot at One Tree Hill

Hi Tracy please click on the thumbnails to see the larger image. If you have any questions please feel free to call me 07759 403351 or use the comments box below.

Photographs of a styles and sizes available. Starting at only £1.70 Click on thumb nail to see larger image

2 thoughts on “Tracy’s Family photoshoot”

  1. Hi Shiralee, Rodney is finally on the mend and i have now had time to properly look at photos! Could i please place an order for the following: 7 x 5 (photo numbers 6268, 6254, 6177, 6174 and 6185), finished photographic prints of 10 x 8 of photo 6211, 10 x 8 of photo 6274 and two 10 x 8 of photo 6284, 5 keyrings with photos 6284 and 6211 and a 12 x 8 diamond dusted canvas of photo 6174 in black and white please. Can you please let me know how much i owe you minus the credit Andy has put on account for me and how i can pay the balance. Thank you so much Tracy xx

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